My Most Anticipated Movies For The (Rest Of) Summer

I realize I am a bit late with my must-see Summer blockbuster list, but mind you this blog was created two weeks into this coveted movie season and I ended missing some of the most important movies that were supposed to be on this list. So with that in mind, here is my must-see movie list for the rest of the Summer 2009.

Transformers: The Revenge Of The Fallen [June 24th]

Honestly, who doesn't have this movie on their list? While I do think the original Transformers flick was extremely, extremely stupid when I watched it again at home, I remember just how much fun it was watching it in theaters. Michael Bay is not a man of words, he is a man of batsh*t insane robot-on-robot action. And for this movie I wouldn't ask for anything else.

Public Enemies [July 1st]

There are quite a few reasons to be excited for this movie. The first is that the movie is directed by long dormant thriller extraordinaire Michael Mann, whose last film was the amazing Collateral. The next is that film is the first movie for Johnny Depp since the end of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise back in 2007, and the gangster look fits Captain Jack pretty well. The last big reason is the inclusion of Christian Bale. Yes, yes I know the guy is literally involved in nearly every big budget movie this year, but it looks like Bale may actually be in the supporting role for this one which makes it an interesting change of pace for him. With the spotlight firmly fixed on Depp, the man with the funny Batman voice may be able to do a much better job in this film than he did screaming at everything in sight for Terminator Salvation.

(500) Days Of Summer [July 17th]

On the surface, this movie may seem like the typical young-people-falling-in-love romantic comedy. But once you see the trailer, it is easy to understand why the movie is on this list. Featuring two of the brightest young stars of Hollywood today, Zooey Deschanel and Jospeh Gordon-Levitt look to be performing at their A-game here and the movie looks to have a pretty sharp script too. If these two actors can bring Tom and Summer to life on the big screen, I will definitely go out of my way to see it.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [August 7th]

By now I am sure you are questioning my judgment on this movie, but to be honest this next big-budget action figure franchise movie seems to be hitting on the same vibes of Transformers and, my guilty pleasure of last Summer, Wanted. The movie looks like possibly the most epic B-movie of all time and the dialogue is perfectly cheesy. One thing I did not expect to see however is what looks to be some of the most insane action sequences ever put on film. Sure about 99% of it is CG, but honestly I do not care. This movie looks awesome and the 7-year old in me cannot wait to see it. (And frankly, the dissolving Eiffel Tower sold it for me.)

District 9 [August 14th]

Yep, that's right. The man who was this close to making a feature-length Halo movie (before having it shut down, courtesy of Fox) finally gets a feature-length movie for one of his original short films. Director Neill Blomkamp's District 9 is definitely high-concept science fiction and the unexpected viral campaign started up by Sony is definitely getting some major attention. The movie is filmed in a pseudo documentary style, portraying an extra-terrestrial species that landed in South Africa and has been quarantined by the government. It is definitely an oddball and not the kind of movie someone would expect to release during Summer. But that is exactly why it is on this list. Plus if you were to do a search for Neill Blomkamp on YouTube, you would see that the man is extremely good at implementing CG into realistic environments.


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