Welcome to One Giant Clusterf*ck! [Updated!]

Hello, nobody! Welcome to the brand-spankin' new blog "One Giant Clusterf*ck"!

My name is Saad Hashmi. I'm currently living in Bahrain, but I was born in Maryland and stayed there for several years. Then, I moved out to sun-in-the-fun California for about the same amount of time before coming to this country no one has ever heard of last year (2008).

Because of that brand-spankin' new part of this blog, I figure basically no one will be reading this until I can get the word out that this site exists. But I'm thinking forward on this one and decided to take care of the introduction from the get-go.

So...What Is This Blog?
I'm glad I asked! Basically, this blog is true to its name; it really is one giant clusterf*ck. Here I'll be writing about anything and everything that catches my interest, piques my curiosity, or just makes me laugh like a diabolical mad genius. Whatever it is, it will be on here to share with the internet's cruel, cynical inhabitants.

However, this will not be actively working as my personal diary or anything. I may talk about personal things, but honestly I'm doing this as a test run to see if my writing styles can appeal to any kind of audience. Like most of my projects, I'm sure this will end fairly soon and I may go out on an eating spree to ease the uncontrollable, haunting pain but this is my first real blog so I will give it my best shot. That's a guarantee of two weeks minimum!

What Type Of Content Will Be On This Blog?
Like I mentioned before, a lot of different types of things will be posted here. Some more specific examples are:
  • Reviews of all kinds of media (movies, TV shows, games, and music)
  • Lots of video and music-related posts are pretty much a given
  • Special weekly articles
  • Sharing ideas and peeks at my own stabs at fiction through "creative" writing
  • Anything else I write off of a sugar high/study low

Will The Blog At Least Look Creative Too?
Well I am not very proficient in Photoshop and other image editing software, but I will over the next few days and weeks try to add a creative look to match the kind of content found on Clusterf*ck.

[Update]: Well I no longer am in possession of one of the stock Blogger themes. For now I shall be using the Forte theme which I found on BTemplates.com. Looks pretty good, right?


Well for now that's about it for introductions. I already have some articles lined up to be posted here (before the birth of OGCF, OpenOffice was my "blog") as to make up for lost time and give an immediate impression to anyone who would actually bother reading this blog.

Of course you can find me on social network sites like:
To the future of "One Giant Clusterf*ck"! May its promise seem slightly less bleak than it does right now! Huzzah!


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