About That 'Avatar' Trailer...

How can a teaser trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of the year be so goddamn boring? Sure, the scenes filled with the lush and organic CG are appropriately epic but...well what the Hell is the movie about??

Some could argue that is why it's a teaser trailer and not a full theatrical one. But without context for all of the clips shown, the audience fails to make any connection and the teaser fails to stick. It'll just be remembered as "that weird trailer with the tall and freaky alien Smurfs riding dragons".

Of course December 19th is a long way away from now and things can easily change because this is a James Cameron movie. There are no real rules in play here and the hype train will get off the ground sooner than later. But at this point, I sort of don't care about Avatar and I do not understand why it will redefine the way I look at movies.

Looks like Fox has some selling to do.


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