Lo And Behold, The TV Season Is Upon Us Once Again!

Yup, it's the beginning of the 2009 TV season and there seems to be quite a bit of excitement right now. Has television finally shrugged the writer's strike off its shoulder for a fresh start? I've already talked about the triumphant return of House M.D. and the 2-hour premiere got huge ratings. People in general seem to want to watch TV again.

Here's a few more shows I've been able to catch so far this season:

Supernatural (The CW)

At times, I really cannot stop talking about this show. The tales of Supernatural can be wicked scary and wicked fun. Fusing subtle character charms with good old fashioned atmospheric horror, the show has developed quite the cult following over the five years it has been on the air. But after last year's beginning of the apocalypse and all, this year is much more exciting. Lucifer has risen from Hell and the apocalypse is literally happening. It was a gutsy move on the show's part to actually send the world into apocalypse. Plus thanks to Supernatural's unique charm, the end of the world is just a bit more interesting than the typical lore. For example, the Four Horsemen of Hell drive muscle cars. That alone has sold me on this season. But the show also has an underrated emotional resonance thanks to the dramatic aspect of the tension between the two main characters, Sam and Dean Winchester. There are some pretty major issues between these two, but the amount of love they have for one another gives every episode much more meaning. So really, if you're not watching Supernatural this season you are definitely missing out.

Fringe (Fox)

Once again, this is another show that at times I feel like its poster boy. Yet another J.J. Abrams science fiction series, part of what makes Fringe so much fun is the weird science of the case of the week. The show plays around with all of these bizarre incidents and part of that fun is thanks to Dr. Walter Bishop, a comical and very entertaining mad scientist that actor John Noble so vividly brings to life. Of course this mad scientist is a big problem for his much more normal son, Peter Bishop, who was dragged into the Fringe Division of the FBI by Agent Olivia Dunham. She sought out help from Walter and was only able to gain his assistance by also including Peter. Now last season had a pretty huge reveal and that was the existence of parallel realities. This season ties directly into that from the get-go and the show is promising to get pretty weird this season. And for Fringe, that's an extremely good thing.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Certainly one of the more unique sitcoms on television, How I Met Your Mother is coming back for its fifth season and I could not be more excited. Even though last season's finale was pretty corny and lame, the premiere gets things going in the right direction again and shows promise. One of the funniest parts of the episode was the awkward and dysfunctional relationship between Robin and Barney. At times they were confident they were not really a couple and even until the end of the episode they are convinced they aren't boyfriend and girlfriend....even after Lily locked them in a room together and forced them to figure it out. Also earning lots of laughs was Ted's new job as a college professor. Take for example the scene where Ted had absolutely no idea how to spell professor and one of the students had to quietly help him. Or when the students were attempting to tell Ted he was in fact in the Economics class instead of his Architecture class. The main character of the show is never usually all that likable, but I would say they gave Ted his perfect job and the idea of him being a professor works extremely well for his character. Of course there's more to come this season including How I Met Your Mother's (musical) 100th episode.Yep. Definitely happy to see the gang back together.

So what shows are you going to watch this season? Any new shows? Or some old favorites? Sound off in the comments below!


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