Why You Should Be Hyped About Kid Cudi's 'Man On The Moon' [One Giant Afterthought]

First of all I'm just going to get this out of the way: it is true that not everyone shares the same taste in music. Everyone is different and therefore their ears find comfort with different sounds.

So here's the golden question: is Kid Cudi a different sound? Well the ironic thing is that on the album he is simply being himself. Which is what makes him different.

...okay I might have to elaborate a bit more than that.

The storyline of Man On The Moon: The End of Day takes place in a dream-like state where Scott Mescudi (a.k.a. Kid Cudi) escapes to as a sanctuary for his own personal thoughts. This provides the perfect canvas for Scott's imagination to run wild and for the listener to appreciate the art he so vividly renders to life.

The song that brings this concept to fruition is the song that made him so popular in the first place: the hypnotic "Day n Nite" which is why the song works so effectively as the album's climax. In the song Kid Cudi pretty much spells out to the listener that he is the man on the moon because he feels isolated, alone, and different.

The key to understanding why Man On The Moon: The End of Day is such a rousing success is not just the innovative subject matter but the unique way he raps as well. Sure, a lot of people could say he doesn't really rap. And I tend to agree when some people say he doesn't have those spit-shined punchlines characterized by egomaniacs like Kanye West or Lil' Wayne. But what makes Kid Cudi's songs so poignant is not just as simple as the lyrics or as the diction of which he raps each verse with: it is the pure harmonization between both that creates an effective and entirely new method of storytelling for hip hop. To put it simply, you could say he's "soul rapping".

So getting back to what I mentioned before, everyone is different and each person has their own exclusive perspectives on life. The central philosophical idea behind the Cleveland-based rapper's debut album Man On The Moon: The End of Day is that by being true to himself, Kid Cudi is different.

And that's the ingenuity behind the entire album: all you have to do to be unique is to be yourself. It's a powerful message that everyone can relate to and it's exactly why everyone should be excited come next week.

On September 15th, 2009 people will realize the shocking truth that they are different. And they'll like it.


Jerel said...

NICE REVIEW! i already got mine pre ordered.

saad.hashmi said...

Yeah I'm going to try and pick up a copy for myself some time this week. Thanks for reading!

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