'Chuck' is Coming Back Stronger, Cooler, and Sooner Than Expected

Two weeks, support petitions, and millions of Subway sandwiches.

That was all Chuck fans needed to convince NBC to renew the show for another season. Initially, the renewal was not the best news in the world: NBC was only committing to 13 episodes and it was set to premiere in March 2010, almost a full year since the finale of season 2.

However recently NBC announced good news for Chuck fanatics around the world: not only is the upcoming season extended by 6 more episodes but the premiere date is now set for January 10th, 2010!

Personally I cannot quite understand why a day in the life of a $11.00 an hour employee at a big-box electronics retailer turned top secret government asset hasn't become more popular. The show is filled with plenty of action, crowd-pleasing comedy, strong melodrama, and a talented comedic cast.

By the looks of it NBC has finally realized the potential for the quirky show and judging by the extended season and earlier premiere date, they are moving forward quite aggressively. Plus with a newly announced sponsorship deal with Subway (born out of the 'Save Chuck' campaign, mind you) third season is almost guaranteed to run its full course. So remember people, tune in January 10th, 2010 for the season premiere of one of the best shows on TV.

And bring along a couple of Subway sandwiches while you're at it.


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