LTTP: Late '09 Recap [Part 2]

So if you haven't noticed, I really never posted much since last December. Sorry for that but I have been busy with school and was with the family for the holidays. So this special-edition of LTTP is going to cover a lot of bases that I wanted to write full posts about, but simply never had the time for.

Jump after the break for an extra large clusterf*ck of quick articles.

FlashForward Just Can't Flashback

Right before the holidays, I decided to check out FlashForward this season's biggest new sci-fi mystery drama. By now you've probably heard what it is about but if you haven't then here it is in brief: the entire world blacks out for exactly 2 minutes and 17 seconds and while in the blackout everyone sees their future exactly six months from then. The show was positioned by ABC as the successor to Lost (which is ending after this year with its sixth season) and it premiered with strong numbers but has since then fallen quickly. So what's the issue? The major problem I've noticed with FlashForward is that it simply doesn't flash back; as in, you really do not get the same kind of context for each character's motivation as compared to a show like Lost where character stories are a core mechanic. Nearly every character in FlashForward is someone different every week and they never seem to stick to their own personality. Also there are lots of issues with the writing being illogical. Take for example a scene where two characters are debating whether or not to reveal some information they may know about the blackouts, but throughout that entire scene that just never happen to mention a single piece of information just for the sake of building suspense. One thing I can credit towards FlashForward is that it really nails the conspiracy aspect and almost every episode ends on a suspenseful note. So I'm going to give FlashForward a little more time thanks to the engaging conspiracy but if things go off the bend like what happened to Heroes, I'm definitely jumping ship.

Community: Way Funnier Than Real Life

One would think real life would be funny, but it's not nearly as hilarious as each gut-busting episode of Community. Another strong addition to NBC's already epic comedy lineup, Community centers around certified douchebag Jeff Winger, a once practicing lawyer who lost his degree accreditation and was forced to go to community college. The cast of Community is full of talented comedians including the legendary Chevy Chase as an old guy who thinks he's young. The fact that, only 12 episodes into its first season, the show has already made fun of itself is a good sign of things to come for the sharp new satire.


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