Kid Cudi's "REVOFEV" Is More Of The Same

For better or worse, Kid Cudi will probably never change.

There are a lot of great qualities to the Cleveland rapper's music and his single best characteristic is featured prominently on his newest single "REVOFEV": his charm. Cudi oozes hipster charisma while gleefully mixing together pseudo-spoken word verses with a simplistic but catchy hook. Cudi's mellow but gruff voice is very appealing to the ears and the fact that he can sing is icing on the cake. In addition to that, Cudi also brings along another one of Plain Pat's unique beats featuring funk electric guitar riffs, thunderous drum claps, epic string work, and a creepy organ among other sounds. Kid Cudi is all about style and here it is unrelenting.

Yet despite any innovative designs for Cudi's songs, that same spark for creativity is missing in his lyrics and songs like "REVOFEV" almost always come across as superficial distractions. Some praise this simplicity and it makes Cudi's music very accessible, but his entire debut album succumbed to this same issue and only a few songs proved to be memorable. If this single is indicative of the direction for his second Man On The Moon chapter, Cudder's charm will only take him so far.

For better or worse, Kid Cudi will probably never change.


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