New 'Battle: Los Angeles' Feature Trailer Impresses

Who doesn't love a good alien flick? Sure, Skyline and the bastardized remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still haven't been helping out the genre's appeal in recent years but 2008's District 9 was a surprise hit and was even nominated for a Best Picture award from the Oscars.

Well now it looks like aliens are getting even closer to Hollywood--literally.

Much like District 9 commented on the South African Apartheid, Battle: Los Angeles is also using our own history to set the stage for a big action blockbuster. The film is set in modern day, but the film's premise stems from the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles incident in which U.S. anti-aircraft artillery were targeting an alleged Japanese enemy combatant shortly after the end of World War II, but the government claimed it was a 'false alarm'. Of course, since that incident occurred there have been several UFO and alien related theories but over time nothing has panned out. Well if you look carefully at one of the Battle: Los Angeles posters and compare it to a similar photograph of the anti-aircraft artillery firing into the sky, it looks like there's a small disc-shaped object on the right side that narrowly missed the fire.

None of the previous trailers have directly stated the film is using the same incident as a precursor to the plot, but the newest trailer embedded below does shed some more light on the Normandy-esque bombing on the Santa Monica coastline. Along with Inception-like booms (click here and push the button) and the same moody autotune song from the first trailer, we see new shots of what looks to be shots of Los Angeles torn apart and big action set pieces on crushed freeways. Battle: Los Angeles is one of the most highly anticipated movies of the Spring and it sure looks like it's not going to disappoint. In theaters March 11, 2011.

Missed the first trailer? Watch it on Trailer-Addict.


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