Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest (Quick Review)

Like so many other music aficionados on the internet, I too have become infatuated with Grizzly Bear's latest album, Veckatimest. But I really have no idea why.

Maybe it's the 1960s vibe the engrossing, atmospheric songs provide. Or possibly the intelligent lyrics that sync perfectly to the music.

One thing I absolutely know I like is the sound of the album. Now I'm not talking about that 60's era musical style, but rather just what my ears hear. I hear an album that is so high in quality, so compelling in tone, and so flawlessly pieced together from beginning to end. So well made, in fact, that it is damn near required for me to listen to the album more than once in a row.

Veckatimest is really that good. I have no previous work from Grizzly Bear and I picked this up solely based on the rave reviews it was getting. But now I am more intrigued than ever to catch up on this delightfully smart and kooky Brooklyn indie band.

Clusterf*ck Score: A

Must-Hear Songs:

  • Ready, Able
  • Foreground
  • While You Wait For The Others
  • Two Weeks


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