OnCue Stands Out From The Underground

Nowadays, all of the new rappers releasing mixtapes and songs into the underground scene try to imitate the big guys: Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, and countless others. But every once in a while, there is one worth taking note of and today I would like to bring up the rapper OnCue.

This guy is pretty awesome. Lyrically, he is full of energy and delivers some really sharp rhymes. But to be honest, his lyrics are not what got me interested in his music; it was his beats. The Conneticut-based rapper just recently released a song called "Otherside" and it is his dedication to the Red Hot Chili Peppers song of the same name. Seriously, I've never heard anyone rap over RHCP and hearing this song was pretty mind-blowing. With the help of producer Terry Urban, OnCue will soon be dropping his new album, Cueyfornication, and it is entirely based off work from the famous Southern California rock band.

Tell me that's not awesome.

Another song off of Cueyfornication was released, but it is only a rough mix. The song is called "So What If I Bleed" and OnCue raps a fierce verse over the mellow beat and even makes fun of the scene for all the other rappers doing lyrics over "Milli" from
Lil' Wayne.

Anyways I also decided to look up some of his previous work and on his MySpace account I found some really fascinating songs. "Breathe Me" is a song where OnCue works his magic over a beat modified from Sia's famous and beautiful song of the same name and the result is nothing short of astounding. Another song called "Gotta Move" also creates a beat from another artist, but I am not exactly sure who. I have a feeling it's a Coldplay song but I am still not sure.

I hope this guy can break into the Auto-Tune madness of today's rap scene and get even a little bit of the spotlight on him. I will do my part to spread the word (like through this post!)
OnCue - "Otherside"
OnCue - "So What If I Bleed" (Rough Mix)

OnCue's MySpace Profile


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