New Music Tuesday – 7/07/09

Well I’m sure some of you have noticed that little My Clusterf*ck'd Music widget on the sidebar of the blog, but I think I need to flesh it out a bit more. So starting today, Tuesdays on OGCF* will become New Music Tuesdays! In these articles I will go a bit in depth with what music I am dumping on to my iPod this week and also offer some quick opinions about them. So come by every Tuesday and share your music with me in the comments so I can make fun of how bad your taste is!


Bon Iver – Blood Bank EP


Well after having For Emma, Forever Ago on repeat for the last few days, I finally decided to seek out Bon Iver’s EP of unreleased songs. I have to say, this is very different from his critically acclaimed debut album. Gone are the somber tunes and the isolation and instead remains masterful lyrics covering a large range of topics. As with most of Bon Iver’s music, I still have yet to decipher his intricate codes that lie deep within his lyrics, but for the most part I’m enjoying that frustration.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago


Like I said before, I really have had this album on repeat for the past few days. I only listened to the album for the first time a few months ago, but For Emma, Forever Ago has quickly ascended the list of my favorite albums to somewhere near the top. And listening to the album over and over again is nothing but healthy to the ears and the mind.

Grizzly Bear – Veckatimest

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest (2009)

If you have yet to catch my Quick Review, I will summarize it here in brief: even if you cannot understand what the hell the band is talking about in their songs, Veckatimest is still required listening for anyone who thinks they love good music. It has been nearly two months since I first heard the album and even until today I can’t stop.

The Killers – Hot Fuss


As you may have noticed, most of these albums are ones I missed out on from the last year or so (and I plan to write some LTTPs about a few), but this debut album from the Las Vegas alt rockers was released way back in 2004. So why am I listening to it now? Ever since I heard the songs off of Sam’s Town, Shadowplay, and Day & Age I realized I enjoyed the sound of The Killers on their first album the most. Plus my rap & hip-hop music was beginning to grow a bit too rapidly so I needed some indie music and I thought I might as well listen to what I missed out on. And I’m glad I did, because I am really enjoying Hot Fuss quite a bit more than I thought I would.

The Jakes – Shake My Hand EP


Possibly one of the greatest bands I have ever heard that has not gotten a record deal, The Jakes are the true meaning of indie. This Southern California quartet have a certain chemistry that I have not heard in any kind of music before and this functionality is what makes The Jakes so unique. And Shake My Hand has been released for free by the band on their MySpace profile and I highly recommend downloading it. Not only because this band needs some more support, but also because it is guaranteed to be some of the best indie rock you have ever heard. Ever. I am not kidding.

MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular [Front]

I know, I know—I am very late on this album. Ever since I heard MGMT’s breakout single “Time To Pretend” I fell in love with both their lo-fi sound and their lyrical strengths. After spending some time with the album, I have really started enjoying Oracular Spectacular but I still find that their best songs were in fact their singles: “Time To Pretend”, “Electric Feel”, and “Kids”. But I am holding out hope that the rest of this album can reel me in as much as those three songs did.



Anonymous said...

So you finally admit that Hot Fuss is an AMAZING CD? XP And yeah, I approve of Bon Iver & MGMT on there too. Still need to check out Grizzly Bear though...

saad.hashmi said...

Who are you, anonymous person? XD

Well yeah Hot Fuss is a good album, but it's not amazing. The first songs (most of their singles) are awesome, but then the rest of the album kinda loses its luster. I think right after "Andy You're A Star" is when the album takes the dip.

Yeah I'm listening to Bon Iver religiously :D and Oracular Spectacular is also great, but it still has yet to grow on me. i haven't listened to it enough.

I know for sure you'll like Grizzly Bear. If there's only one song you should hear, it is probably "Two Weeks". If you don't like that song then YOU HAVE NO SOUL.

and damn you for getting that Placebo cover of "Running Up That Hill" stuck in my head! it's been on repeat for an hour and a half. AN HOUR AND A HALF! STRAIGHT!!

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