New Music Tuesday - 7/14/09

Well I’m sure some of you have noticed that little My Clusterf*ck'd Music widget on the sidebar of the blog, but I think I need to flesh it out a bit more. So starting today, Tuesdays on OGCF* will become New Music Tuesdays! In these articles I will go a bit in depth with what music I am dumping on to my iPod this week and also offer some quick opinions about them. So come by every Tuesday and share your music with me in the comments so I can make fun of how bad your taste is!


OnCue – Cueyforncation


While technically a mixtape, OnCue has really delivered on Cueyfornication. Like I talked about before, the mixtape uses the sounds of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Connecticut-based rapper OnCue uses these instrumentals to rap some very inspirational verses. Songs like “Otherside” and “Right OnCue” are fun songs that will definitely appeal to wider audiences due to some heavy sampling from the famous California-based band. Other tracks like “So What If I Bleed” and “New Girl” are very adept in terms of lyrics and can really catch you off guard with just how unforgiving OnCue’s verses are. Cueyfornication also has more thoughtful, pensive songs like “The Sign” (currently my favorite) and “Walk In My Shoes” that help create some more emotional attachment and show just how important this mixtape really is. It also features some fantastic production complemented by OnCue’s sharp lyricism to create something so wholly complete I would argue it can stand up to most current full-length rap albums out there. Keep your eyes on him!

Vampire Weekend – Vampire Weekend


When I first heard “A-Punk” on the radio, I wasn’t so sure if I would like the band’s other work. But I heard such wonderful things about this album I decided to seek it out—and I’m glad I did. Vampire Weekend is one of the most creative indie albums I have heard in a while. Most of the songs carry a fun, light feel to them that make them perfect for all the foot-tappers and hummers out there in the world. I especially loved the Renaissance-style sounds of “M79” and that has quickly become one of my favorite off the New York band’s debut. Other noteworthy tracks include the African-inspired “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” as well as the fantastic indie anthem that is “I Stand Corrected”. After catching wind of a new album likely to be released this September, I realize this band could very well be the “next big thing”. They’ve already exploded in the indie scene—next up is the mainstream.




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