Musings About New Songs From Muse

All around the web there has been some mixed reactions to new material from Muse. The stylish brit-rockers have definitely made a name for themselves since they gained some traction in the States with the release of Absolution. Since 2006, however, Muse has become a near household name due to worldwide admiration of the offbeat and catchy fourth album Black Holes and Revelations.

It has been three years since new songs were released and it is understandable why the world has such high hopes for the band. So why is everyone bitching about "United States of Eurasia"?

Sure the song borrows heavily from epic rock-opera band, Queen. And sure, the lyrics do not really make much sense. But isn't that the point of Muse? The band is notorious and popular for their music's offbeat style and weird-but-works chemistry. Hell, if you were to listen to previous album Black Holes and Revelations individually, track by track, it is one of the most unusual albums ever made. But oddly enough Muse pulls it off.

"United States of Eurasia" serves as one gigantic, quirky tease as to what fans can expect from The Resistance. In addition to recent official single "Uprising", I think Muse has another winner on their hands. The Resistance will hit stores September 14th. That day cannot come soon enough.


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