Why 'Up' Is The Best Movie Of The Year [One Giant Afterthought]

Well if you have yet to read my review of the latest Disney and Pixar venture, I'll put it simply: Up destroys conventions in a genre Pixar pioneered and succeeds as both a fun, charming adventure movie as well as a touching and powerful film about unfulfilled dreams. I got the chance to see the movie again yesterday and I stand by my opinion: Up is the best movie of the year thus far.

Of course the movie would be nothing without Ed Asner as the bitter-with-a-damn-good-reason Carl Fredricksen. Not only did Carl lose his childhood sweetheart to old age, he also never accomplished their hopes to one day visit Paradise Falls. The movie is filled with imagery and metaphors relating back to his unaccomplished aspirations and promises to Ellie, and these are scenes where emotions run high. Ed Asner gives a witty and touching voice over performance as the man with the flying house as a man too attached to the past and his own feelings of guilt.

Not only does Pixar create the most technically proficient special effects in the industry, they also manage to make quirky and silly premises seem real. And Up is no different.

Honestly, how many people would expect a kids movie starring an old man who makes his house fly by attaching hundreds of balloons to venture off to South America, joined by a rag-tag team consisting of a kid who dreams of becoming a real explorer, a talking dog, and a bird to be called one of the best of the year?

And so, there is proof that Pixar is magical.


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