The Great Kanye West Massacre of the 2009 VMAs

Everyone can't stop talking about it. By now you must have heard.

Kanye West made himself look like a jackass (yet again) at an awards show. However this time, it looks like Mr. West may have crossed the line. Since there's no point in describing what happened, I'll point you towards the video below.

...yeah, when you jump on stage at an awards show while someone else is getting an award it's usually frowned upon. Especially when it's a first time award winner such as the poor Taylor Swift. Obviously Yeezy went a bit far and many attribute his behavior to him, oh I don't know, drinking a full bottle of cognac on the red carpet right before the show.

Well a little while after Mr. West went to his blog for a semi-official apology. Then he stepped in to right his wrongs when he decided to apologize on national television on the premiere of 'The Jay Leno Show' Monday night. He seemed genuinely ashamed of himself here and when Leno dropped the bombshell of a question at the end, you can really see he was holding back some of his tears. And to top it off, directly after the short sit down with Leno he went to perform on stage and delivered an absolutely furious and heartfelt performance.

Honestly, I do feel for West here. Of course it was stupid and out of line, but being a celebrity ain't easy. It's hard dealing with life when the whole world watches your every move. And the same goes for Taylor Swift as well. People have just taken this whole situation way out of proportion.

A lot of people are still taking it out of proportion and want Kanye's head for it. It has been a constant trending topic on Twitter since Sunday night, every news site has it published on the front page, and there are already thousands of videos on YouTube about it. This story isn't gonna go away any time soon (and I just realized I may not be helping the situation) but people need to stop pressuring celebrities so much. They're humans too and they make mistakes.

...but apparently no one told Obama that when he called him a jackass. Click here for the audio of his off-the-record comment.


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