LTTP: Mad Men


I love TV. I really cannot get enough of a good television program. So it is with deep shame to admit that I have not seen the cultural phenomenon known as ‘Mad Men’. Until now.

I am currently half way through season one and even though I am enjoying it, I am also nagged by a single question: what’s the point?

The characters are piercingly real, the dialogue is absorbing, and the plot lines are engrossing. Plus, of course, ‘Mad Men’ has completely nailed the look and feel of the 1960s. Everything from the set designs, to the fashions, the habits of the people, and even down to the excellent selection of music. Yet it all seems like it is much ado about nothing.

I do understand the point of some of the individual episodes thanks to some truly masterful directing, but for some reason I just cannot fit all the pieces together. Character stories and development is always on point in all of the episodes and the show does an excellent job juggling all of its characters.

Yet the annoying thing about it all is that I know the show is trying to make some kind of point but I just cannot decipher it.

But don’t assume I lack confidence in the show. I am definitely giving ‘Mad Men’ the benefit of the doubt right now simply because it is it’s first season after all. Shows don’t always start well, and with time they usually improve. Plus ‘Mad Men’ only got big after winning and Emmy for its first season so maybe I should hang on until the beginning second season.

Or maybe I’m an idiot. It did take me a second viewing of The Dark Knight to understand the message of that film.

Aside from my lack of philosophical insight, ‘Mad Men’ is still quite an engrossing drama and I’m frankly shocked that so many people are into the show. ‘Mad Men’ is a mature and sophisticated drama and it’s refreshing to know that this kind of show can receive the level of acclaim it does.

LTTP stands for “Late To The Party” and in this feature I will go back to certain things I missed when they were first released or popular and give my current impressions.


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