Is Rock Making a Comeback?

With the eagerly anticipated release of brand new eyes, Paramore is leading the charge in what I am hoping will be a revitalization of the rock genre. Sure, not everyone likes Paramore and they are still quite young to go down as legends or anything of that stature, but if there's one thing the band truly excels at it is making punk rock that is just plain fun.

Over the past few years, the genre that once played host to great bands like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones, and others has seen a very rapid deterioration in quality. Groups like Nickelback and Staind have made radio hits out of dull, generic "rock" and it really makes you wonder what happened to the post-punk revival of rock that opened the millennium.

Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, The White Stripes, and many more bands debuted in the first half of the decade and proved that rock could be fun again after the popularity of grunge-rock in the late 90s. Hell, even My Chemical Romance's second album The Black Parade pulled a Queen and went to bombastic rock opera from emo punk.

So what has happened since? Well where rock should have innovated, indie did instead and has since quickly gained former fans of rock. But as I have noticed, more and more indie bands are incorporating atmospheric elements into their albums. Songs like "Ready, Able" from Grizzly Bear relate back to the dynamic sounds used in 70s rock while still being distinctly indie.

So while indie may have begun to take over for rock's shortcomings, the little-genre-that-could is actually inspiring rock to go back to its more enjoyable roots. Recent albums from Franz Ferdinand, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and the aforementioned Paramore have taken the best elements of indie and incorporated those with the chaotic fun of good old fashioned rock. With new material from The Strokes, The White Stripes, Blink-182, and others on the horizon, rock seems like it will finally be shrugging off its current dull, apathetic sound in favor of fun. And dammit I'm ready to have fun.


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