Rodrigo y Gabriela - 11:11 [Quick Review]

I know what you may be thinking: is 45 minutes of two Mexicans playing guitar with no singing really worth talking about? Well with Rodrigo y Gabriela, it's always worth talking about.

To be frank, 11:11 is superb. The duo have managed to innovate on their already jaw-dropping playing style by expanding beyond classical guitar. Elements of metal are the most profound of these changes, but is sparingly used to great effect. Also the faster songs tend to be much more danceable and exciting than previous ones from the group.

However the biggest surprise of 11:11 has to be just how well paced the album is. The album is more meticulously crafted than most could even dream of accomplishing, and the time and care put into the sequence of the song really make the album. The stunning opener "Hanuman" hits the ground running and manages to keep that momentum going for the next few songs. Yet 11:11 knows exactly when to ease up on the speed and tends to do so after every few songs. The whole record feels very organic to the ear and the slower songs help tremendously build up to that burst of fast-paced songs.

Overall 11:11 delivers in spades. Economically paced and innovative, the band has outdone themselves and the rise in quality inspires even more awe than their live performances. If you're a fan of Rodrigo y Gabriela, you have probably already listened to the album about a hundred times by now. If you're not, after this album you probably will be.


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