A New Approach to Reviews on OGCF*

I was recently thinking about the quality of my reviews for movies, music, and other media. I realized that one man doesn't have enough knowledge of each subject to tackle them all from the scrutinizing point of view most critics provide.

So there were two solutions to this problem. Either (a) become a genius of modern art and make OGCF* ascertain new heights or (b) make reviews simpler. Since (a) is too hard/I am too lazy, I've decided on a new technique that I hope will be successfully put into effect on all reviews from here on out.

I don't quite have a name for this new style of reviews, but for now I shall dub it "Instinctual Reviews". Basically I will be critiquing and providing commentary on movies, music, TV shows, games, and more by spelling out up front what emotions I experienced.

For example, if I listened to the new Hannah Montana album some of the emotions might be Suicidal, Brainwashing, and Annoying as Hell. So for each emotion given I would provide reasons as to why I felt each.

Hopefully this will lead to more streamlined and user-friendly reviews where my emotions are clearly laid out without a wall of big words tainting the message.

Thanks for reading and send some feedback!


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