The New Mobile 'Windows' Could Be Huge

Just a few hours ago, Microsoft unveiled the eagerly anticipated follow up to its mobile operating system.

 ...I know, it's a little weird to say that. All everyone talks about nowadays is Android and Apple's iPhone software, but before those two existed Windows Mobile was one of the leading smartphone giants. In recent years, Microsoft has been late to the game and the aforementioned two (among countless others) have outpaced the outfit by miles.

All that came to an end today with the introduction of Windows Phone 7 Series. Despite the banal name, the software itself is an adventurous move for Microsoft. First of all, even though it carries the Windows Mobile legacy it is completely new software written from the ground up. WP7's user interface makes use of multiple 'tiles' which act as live shortcuts into applications (as you may see above). The look of the software is also extremely similar to the interface of the Zune HD. Speaking of music, Windows Phone 7 includes built in Zune software so you can buy music, TV shows, and movies from Microsoft's great Zune ecosystem. Another big feature is support for Xbox Live as well as integrated social networking like Facebook or Windows Live with contacts, calendars, and photos.

Microsoft is sending a clear message here to one device in particular: the iPhone. With a stylish and easy-to-use interface, support for a very strong music and video ecosystem, seamless social networking, and promise of the rise of the application store 'Marketplace', Windows Phone 7 Series is about even with Apple's killer handset.

But Microsoft has done one thing with Windows Phone that could absolutely murder the iPhone: any phone can use it. While Apple has decided to lock everything in and basically have absolute power over the iPhone hardware and software, Microsoft has created a platform that is equally as closed as it is open. While the software does not seem as customizable as something like Android, it's the simple fact that consumers are given a choice as to what phone they would rather have. When it comes to a million identical iPhones versus a million diverse Windows Phones, I would definitely go with the latter.

The first Windows Phone 7 Series devices are expected to release this Fall. For more info, head on over to Engadget for full coverage.


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