T.I. Is "Back" and More Ferocious Than Ever [Quick Word]

T.I. proudly proclaims "I'm Back" with the intense new single in celebration of his release from prison and a tease for what to expect from his upcoming album. I have always enjoyed T.I.'s work (just don't bring up T.I. vs T.I.P.) but this new single is just jaw-dropping. I would argue it's on the same level of quality as his mega-hit "What You Know" off the classic 2006 album King.

T.I. demands your attention on this track and argues his point that rap really has failed to move forward that much since his 2008 release Paper Trail. All of this happens over a catchy, monstrous instrumental while the chorus is basically non-existent as T.I. continues a rapid fire flow filled to the brim with wit and a hunger for more.

The southern rapper has enjoyed a huge amount of success after an uphill battle in his life, but now he has more to prove than ever. Not just because he was released from prison (no one really cares if rappers go to prison anymore) but because people want to know if he can keep the pace up.

Well...so far so good, T.I.


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