Drake Unleashes First Single From 'Thank Me Later' [Quick Word]

I have always been confused about why people compare newcomer Drake to fellow rapper Kanye West. There is a whole laundry list of differences I see between the two. Kanye West is a rapper and a producer which figures hugely into his music; Drake is a rapper with a bit of singing talent that adds a zest of pop to his songs. Kanye West matches his flow and delivery with the beats he raps over; Drake usually remains monotone throughout most of his songs and it works.

But the biggest difference? If Kanye West had this much hype leading up to his album, he would never release a song as mediocre as the Canadian rapper's newly unveiled "Over".

Featuring production from a fellow canuck, Boi-1-da (yeah, the name is pretty stupid), I can say that the beat is pretty good with great sounding strings a pretty epic instrumental. The main issue with the song is how completely off the song feels and that can be entirely blamed upon Drake. The chorus isn't his best, but the rapper has said previously that he was not going to repeat his pop tendencies on upcoming debut Thank Me Later and is instead creating a more 'classic' rap album. The main problem is this: the transition between chorus and verse is disjointed. It is so obvious that once you hear it, you simply cannot ignore it.

"Over" is definitely not a complete disaster and features a sense of wit along with some razor sharp punchlines. When a rapper with only moderate success manages to make a freestyle much better than the original only hours after the song has released, you should begin to get worried.

There is a very real possibility that Drake could miss the ball with Thank Me Later and that is always a severe risk with debut albums. But there's also a chance Drake could be kicking my ass this time next year. The answer is pretty clear: wait for more.


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