The Latest 'Inception' Trailer Will Blow Your Mind

Well you all know how excited I am for Inception. Who wouldn't be? It's director Christopher Nolan's first movie since The Dark Knight forged itself into pop culture history. The movie is also boasting a huge AAA cast, featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordin-Levitt, Ellen Page, Michael Caine, and more. Inception looks like a return to Nolan's pre-Batman thriller/mystery roots. One of my favorite movies happens to be the Nolan-directed Memento and the fact that he is returning to the genre that made him what he is today is exhilirating.

But Inception has had one thing going against of all its pro's: how little is known about the actual movie. The first two trailers were beautiful and mind-bendy, but you pretty much had no idea what was going on. All of that changes today.

Running in front of screenings for Iron Man 2 this weekend, Inception just got a brand spankin' new trailer and it definitely kicks the hype train into high gear. No words can explain the trailer, so feast your eyes below:

Mark your calendars: Inception is in theaters everywhere July 16th.


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