Summer at the Movies 2010: May & June

Summer is a sign of many things: the end of an era for students, the pleasant release from warm to hot, and, of course, big ass explosions. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your credit cards!

Here's Part 1 of Summer at the Movies 2010.


Iron Man 2 [May 7th]

Easily the most anticipated movie of the Summer, Iron Man 2 picks up where the original left off. Promising even more electrifying action, unrelenting special effects, and the fantastic Robert Downey Jr. returning as the man in a walking tank, Iron Man 2 looks like the perfect way to get in the mood for the rest of the Summer season.
(If you want to know more about my impressions of the movie, check out my full review).

Robin Hood [May 14th]

Epic battles in an older time that the world has moved away from always make for some great movies. When you take that idea and mix in the macho directing-acting team of Ridley Scott and Russel Crowe, you're bound to get fireworks. Robin Hood is taking a look at the grittier side of the folk rebel and looks to do so with some truly stunning battle sequences.

MacGruber [May 21st]

[Warning! Trailer above is Red-Band!]

When I first heard that Saturday Night Live was translating their hit series of MacGyver spoofs into a full length feature film, I was perplexed. How can those 30-second MacGruber skits become a coherent 90+ minute movie? Well early reviews are looking very positive for the SNL movie and who doesn't have a soft spot for those utterly silly and over-the-top summer action comedies?

Shrek Forever After [May 21st]

I was originally planning to exclude this from my list after the immensely disappointing third movie, but it is supposed to be the final Shrek movie in the franchise and I have to at least appreciate this once memorable franchise. Then again, there's plenty of buzz going around that the fourth timeis better than the third and will make for a fitting conclusion. With or without good reviews, the kids will drag their parents along to watch the movie no matter what.


The A-Team [June 11th]

Not only does the movie look completely absurd, it looks even more absurd than the original show. And trust me, that is a very hard feat to accomplish. Launching balls of salad to defeat the bad guys, or using a tank in mid-air to blast away battle planes? Yup, the movie wins. Another big win for the movie is the nearly perfect casting job, especially Mad Dog Murdoch played by Sharlto Copley, leading man of last year's Oscar nominated District 9.

Toy Story 3 [June 18th]

The sequel to the fantastic sequel of the spectacular original? Pixar has done little wrong throughout their critically acclaimed legacy and the fact that they have chosen to make a sequel to their original mega hit (and the first CG-animated feature film) is a guarantee of a good time at the theaters.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse [June 30th]

This movie will make boatloads of money. That is all.

Knight and Day [June 23rd]

Tom Cruise as a spy on the run who is borderline insane? Yeah, I like the concept too. The trailer doesn't give me much to look forward to, but there is a decent amount of buzz building up for Knight and Day's release so we'll see how well Cruise fares a week after CG cartoons and a week before teen vampires.


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