E3 2010 Is Going To Be Big

Every year in the Los Angeles Convention Center, there is a massive show dedicated to video games. From June 15th to the 17th, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) returns to its annual vacation home, and along with it comes a colossal tidal wave of news about everything games.

While E3's past have been pretty epic in scale, this year could be a big turning point. Sony is bringing a huge arsenal of PS3 exclusive games and a brand new Wiimote-esque peripheral called the PlayStation Move. There are also heavy rumors going around that the PS3 will have a new premium online service like Xbox Live to compliment their current free service. Microsoft is expected to finally announce details of its new motion camera technology Project Natal that will make their Xbox 360 an almost entirely controller-free system. On top of that Microsoft is bringing some major games including this one little game you may have heard about....Halo: Reach. And finally we have Nintendo who is not only showcasing new Legend of Zelda and Metroid games for their popular Wii, but they are also announcing the first details of the successor to their massively popular DS system, dubbed the 3DS due to its touted 3D gaming abilities.

Both the PlayStation Move and the Xbox 360's Project Natal are big gambles from Sony and Microsoft's traditionally controller-only gaming systems. The Move is meant to mimic the Wii but allows for a much greater precision in movement (almost 1:1) while Natal is a completely hands-free approach to gaming that detects a person's body and translates their movements into controls for a game.

This year is going to be quite exciting, so head on over to Joystiq on Monday for their comprehensive E3 2010 coverage!


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