iPhone 4: Kicking Ass and Taking Names

Blackberry. Android. Windows Phone 7. Palm WebOS. iPhone.

To say that the smartphone wars are heating up would be a pretty massive understatement. Back in 2007, Apple poured gasoline all over the phone industry and lit a match. That match was the iPhone, the first phone from Apple, the first touchscreen iPod, and the first in a lot of other things. Of course the ridiculous $600 sticker price was a tough pill to swallow but for those who did, they were treated to one of the bigger leaps in consumer technology in the past ten years. Fast forward to the present and everywhere you look, there is at least one person you see using a touchscreen phone. Apple had redefined the smartphone industry and today we all reap the benefits: web browsing in your pocket, limitless applications, powerful business tools, and more.

And now Apple is making a major comeback with the newly announced iPhone 4.
It features that same dead-simple touch interface you know and love, but has learned some pretty neat new tricks: multitasking between apps, iBooks virtual book reader, faster web browsing, and more customization than available before. On top of that, Apple has managed to throw that great software onto a fresh, delectable new piece of hardware: the front and the back are glass, the camera is higher quality and records HD video, a screen so high in quality it is almost like reading paper, and--here's the biggie--a front-facing camera for video chatting.

FaceTime is the software in charge of that major new feature, where you can video chat with friends and family over wireless internet. Seeing as how this is the big new killer feature, there is a pretty darn good chance that FaceTime may be the biggest new threat to BlackBerry's popular Messenger service.

What makes the iPhone 4 so great is that it combines everything Apple has accomplished in the past 4 years with mobile technology (and trust me, they've done a lot) with some fantastic new features and a killer new redesign. If there was ever a time to become an iPhone user, it's now.

Want to learn even more about the new iPhone 4? Head over to Engadget for their fantastic all-you-can-eat guide to Apple's newest piece of tech.

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