Welcome to OGCF* Version 2.5!

Phew. After working on this for the past 9 hours straight, I am here to reintroduce you to that person you thought was a little ugly but just got a makeover and looks freaking amazing. I went nuclear on that old layout (quite literally) and what you see before you now is the biggest refresh I've made in a while.

The reason this is getting only a measly 0.5 number bump is because I am a humanitarian and thus used a familiar eco-friendly method: recycling. Once you're done being distracted by the fresh coat of paint, you may notice that it is pretty much the same layout as before. But v2.5 has received some much needed flavor and a couple new features to boot.

Obviously the redesign adds a very professional look to OGCF* (thank you Photoshop!) while still keeping things loose and fun. There's also the addition of a brand-spanking new widget you may see above: Featured Articles. This widget is still in the beta stage for now (as you can see, it's not nearly as pretty as it should be) but throughout the next week I'll be working on that. There is another big new feature of OGCF* but it's invisible to the naked eye. I'll be doing a lot of under-the-hood tinkering over the next week so I can get things moving at a clean and efficient rate. Of course I'm going to actually have to learn a lot more CSS and HTML than I anticipated to do that, but I most certainly have the time for it right now. UPDATE: I've also built in Facebook support! Now you can 'Like' each post and you can see if your friends have liked any other posts from OGCF*!

Speaking of CSS and HTML, v2.5 of OGCF* would not be possible without the truly amazing Firefox add-on Firebug. This add-on has helped me immensely throughout the years and, as long as you have a decent knowledge of web coding, proves to be a valuable and powerful tool.

So that's pretty much it for now. Hopefully I'll be paying more attention to OGCF* than I have before and I'll finally be figuring out exactly what kind of content this blog will offer. This started out as a fun personal project but now I really do feel that this can become a great business over time, so expect a big and bright future of OGCF*.

Keep on reading and enjoy version 2.5!


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