B.o.B Attacks the Charts with "Nothin' On You", "Airplanes"

I have to be honest: when I made this post about the importance of the newest generation of rap and hip-hop, I had absolutely no clue who Bobby "B.o.B" Ray was.

Shortly after that post, I heard a lot of hype around his mixtape May 25th but when I listened to it I felt it was lacking a lot of the pop edge needed for any rising star of hip hop to find a place in the industry. So I soon forgot all about B.o.B and moved on with my life.

Now he has the second most popular song in the United States.

At spot number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 is B.o.B's undeniably great song "Nothin' On You". Featuring a great hook from Bruno Mars, this song is exactly the hit Bobby Ray needed to prove that he was a newcomer who wasn't going to be ignored. And I definitely got his message.

So then I decided to look up details about his debut B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray and I was shocked with what I saw. Under the tracklisting it said there would be a collaboration with Hayley Williams.......of Paramore. I had to check about 15 other sites before I believed it. So the guy who rapped this was going to do a collaboration with the girl who did this. And this. AND this?!

I was skeptical...until I heard the song last week and was absolutely floored. "Airplanes" is yet another powerhouse hip hop song with a pop hook that will become huge. Couple that pop hook with the singer of a chart-topping rock band and things are looking up for B.o.B.

The Adventures of Bobby Ray has quickly escalated into a must-have album for me and it will definitely be one of the most intriguing debut albums this year.


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